Our Tutoring Approach

At Martins-Allen Education I believe in bespoke tuition, celebrating the individuality of each and every one of my clients, adapting and evolving our sessions to suit the needs of each tutee. My aim as tutor is to combine your strengths with my tutoring skills, knowledge and experience to push you to the next level. I believe there is little greater than the sense of pride and achievement which comes with success, and I want to take you on that journey, working hard with a smart approach, committing to achievement, pushing to the next level, and rejoicing in your success.

Meet the Tutoring Team


Simon Allen

Founder, Director and Tutor

Teaching is part of who I am. My mother is a teacher, my grandmother was a teacher, it has been in my families for generations. I love what I do. There is nothing more rewarding than inspiring children and working with them as they learn and develop. I know the pressures children are under these days, exams are rigorous and competition is tough. But I also know that with the right guidance, support and motivation they will be successful. Each child is an individual, with different strengths and qualities, and the most important thing I have learned in my time teaching is to use these strengths. Hard work and commitment are a must for success, but with me as your guide, we’ll work the smart way, the fun way, the right way, and become successful together.

If you are looking for more 1-1 services then Sheyi is my recommendation:


Sheyi Martins-Allen

Founder, Director and Tutor of Essem LTD

Since early 2011 I have been offering my services as a private tutor and have built up an impressive portfolio of tutees with varying needs and abilities. I am particularly experienced in tutoring my degree subjects, based on my extensive experience, knowledge and proven academic record in both subjects (History GCSE, Grade-A*, History A level, Grade -A, History and Politics Degree-2.1). However I have adapted my skills to also become a very effective tutor for the 11+ and 13+. Most importantly I have been able to teach the techniques needed to effectively pass the 11+ and 13+, identify weaknesses and aid important improvement in particular students.  I am an enthusiastic, friendly tutor, with a passion for the subjects I teach. I believe I have many techniques and relevant advice for students, particularly for those needing help with essay writing skills and historical and political analysis. Essentially I have the skills to identify potential, increase understanding and inspire confidence in students, enabling them to use their skills more effectively and assuredly.