Dear Parents,

Write Club is now running four nights a week, and places are going fast. Please contact us soon to secure your place!

The club (for 9-11 year olds) is designed as fun but hard work, and has been developed on my background as a primary school teacher, tutor and aspiring author. In essence, I love creative writing now but was not that keen as a child, and so my goal in Write Club is to show children how it can be the most enjoyable and rewarding process.

Each session runs on a similar format but is unique in its focus, style and goals. We begin by looking at a text written by myself, so that I can focus it on certain techniques we want to look at. Then, we break it down by the techniques used, such as metaphor, simile, personification etc (I also throw in some some of my own techniques, including ‘the scale of fear’ or the ‘monster’s technique’). As well as this, we look at structure, grammar, punctuation and characterisation. At the end of each session the children then spend 25-30 minutes writing either their own version of the story, their own story, or a continuation of the story. This is something that would be expected in most 11+ exams.

However, the real goal fo Write Club is to show them how writing is built on detail and description. Often children want to focus on a plot, which becomes confusing and complicated, as they are trying to reproduce something such as Harry Potter in the space of 30 minutes! This is not possible for any author, even JK herself! So my aim is to show them how there is joy and beauty in the construction of description and detail, and that the story is really not that important.

The Students:
“I really like write club because we get to share our ideas and stories. I also like how Simon goes through our targets for next time with us. Also, I like how Simon can cover lots of different ideas for our story in just one lesson.” 10 year old student – 2018

“Every week, I am so eager to start the next session of Write Club, since it is so enjoyable and everyone there is extremely enthusiastic to learn how to write incredible stories. Every lesson gets better and better as Simon comes up with new ideas to encourage us to become better writers. At the end of the lesson, walking out of the door, the same thought of how much a have learned always lingers in my head.” 10 year old student – 2018

The Parents:
“I cannot recommend Simon’s Write Club highly enough. Initially, he took all the focus off spelling and grammar and just let my daughter be creative, with wonderful hints and tips (the “Monster’s Technique” became a favourite) and huge amounts of enthusiasm and praise. Gradually, he introduced the necessary spelling, grammar and techniques required for exams but by this time, my daughter had fallen in love with writing and was able to think about the rules without them crushing her creativity. The sessions were always great fun and my daughter came out of each buzzing with the work they had done.” Parent of 10 year old – 2018

“My daughter, with a ‘maths brain’ and black/white view of the world, had a tendency to avoid creative writing at all costs; to the point where it became a block and a painful exercise. Simon has not only inspired her and unlocked her creativity, but has armed her with the tools to produce varied, mature and exciting written work. Her school has commented on the vast improvement in her written content, vocabulary and approach. Moreover, she enjoys seeing Simon each week – he has a positive, calm and encouraging manner, which has worked wonders and provided her with key skills not only in preparation for the 11+ but beyond.”

Monday 2 sessions 4:15-5:45 & 5:50-7:20 (St Michaels and All Angels Church, by Turnham Green Tube Station)

Tuesday 2 sessions 4:15-5:45 & 5:50-7:20 (Evergreen Education, 324 Kings Street, W6 0RR)

Wednesday 2 sessions 3:45-5:15 & 5:20-6:50 (St John’s Church – Notting Hill)

Thursday 2 sessions 4:15-5:45 & 5:50-7:20 (St Michaels and All Angels Church, by Turnham Green Tube Station)

Please contact us if you have any further questions or wish to apply.