11+ Tuition

At Martins-Allen Education, I have become known for my expert guidance towards the 11+ entrance examinations. I have been tutoring students for the 11+ in London for over five years, with great results. Along with tuition for the exams I offer personal support, guidance in choosing schools and interview practice.

Mock Exams

Over the past three years we have seen around 100 students through mock exams for the 10 and 11 plus exams. The papers are designed to fit the current 11+ syllabus and we give detailed personalised feedback on each paper.

A-Level History and Politics

Although I do not offer this service, if you are looking for tuition for A-level History and Politics, we advise you speak to Sheyi Martins-Allen (sheyimartins@gmail.com), who has been delivering A-Level tuition in both History and Politics. She has successfully guided numerous students through their A-Levels and is one of the most sought after tutors in London.

Group Sessions

At Martins-Allen Education, we offer more than simply one-one tuition. Simon is a fully qualified primary school teacher with over three years classroom experience, thus making him the perfect tutor for group sessions. We have also run 11+ workshops in verbal and non-verbal reasoning at a local school to help the children prepare for the 11+ and banding tests. Simon is also a passionate author and so conducts group sessions focused on teaching children creative writing.

Mock Exams

With over a decade of experience in teaching, we have spent the past three years designing and invigilating mock exams with around 100 students taking part and around 30 in each exam. With these numbers we were able to replicate the experience of a real 11+ exam. We design the papers ourselves, invigilate the test, so that we can observe the children’s behaviour, and give a detailed and personalised feedback of each test to make sure we can best advise you in terms of preparation. The exams consist of English, Maths and Reasoning Papers