Simon Allen (Director/Tutor)


11+ parent

From our experience it’s imperative to find someone competent, clear thinking, realistic and experienced who the whole family can trust. Unreservedly I can say that Simon meets this criteria and much more. He is a delight to work with. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough!

13+ parent

Simon tutored my daughter (aged 12) to prepare her for the 13+.  She was particularly struggling with her maths and we were particularly concerned as she is currently at the French Lycee where the maths syllabus is different to that followed in English schools and she needed to be able to cover the English syllabus as well as coping with what she had covered in the French syllabus.  Simon worked with infinite patience with her and won her trust and confidence early on.  His gentle manner allowed her to begin to lose her fear of maths and replace it with a greater confidence.  By the time of the exams, she was suitably prepared and was offered the place we had hoped for.  Her school work has also improved.  Simon is a pleasure to deal with and very reliable.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

11+ parent

Our Daughter started English tuition with Simon in preparation for the 11 plus in Autumn 2015. Though she possessed a natural flair for English we felt she needed some help in learning how to navigate the consortium papers successfully and we felt her school was not doing enough to extend her ability in the subject.

She readily enjoyed her English tuition with Simon – it was a subject she felt confident in and she was able to explore it in much greater depth with his guidance. Simon has a wonderfully calm and easy manner and he was instrumental in honing Isabella’s essay structures, ensuring her grammar and punctuation were spot on and challenging her to come up with a variety of arguments for her discursive writing.
She  will be attending Godolphin and Latymer in September which was her first choice and we are tremendously thankful to Simon for helping her get there.

11+ parent

Simon came highly recommended to us as a tutor.

Our son needed help with English as he was struggling with comprehension and creative writing. He attended a state school, so Simon had the added challenge of not only getting him to a higher level & understanding within his class, but also preparing him for the 11+.

He also had to deal with a child whose confidence was low, he was in the bottom set & wasn’t being motivated. The first lesson they had together was a great success. Simon changed all of that & we are very grateful to him.

He is very kind, gentle, professional,hard working and dedicated tutor. Above all Simon made the lessons fun, he picked topics that our son thought were engaging. He also writes books himself, which our son thought was really cool.

We really do believe our son wouldn’t have got into the schools of his choice if it wasn’t for Simon. His commitment & dedication in helping our son learn was amazing. Needless to say when the letter came through from the school, our son phoned Simon straight away to let him know.

11+ parent

Simon was an inspiration for my son since the very first session. My son was never interested in writing, but I could see a huge difference after just a few sessions, his appeal to the work and confidence towards it grew very quickly.

If you are looking for 1-1 tuition specifically for exam preparation, then we recommend you speak with Sheyi Martins-Allen. We have copied some of her references below as well.

Sheyi Martins-Allen (Director of ESSEM LTD)


11+ Parent

From the parent’s point of view: we trusted Sheyi from our first meeting. She is calm, realistic, and pushed us when we needed a nudge on what we should follow up at home (current affairs, useful websites etc). She has monitored progress carefully and made sure we have always had realistic expectations. She has given advice where needed, and always gives useful feedback after lessons. The schools are so competitive for entry that all additional help cannot be ignored. Sheyi’s input I believe has enhanced my daughter’s results – I do not believe we would have had 7 out of 7 offers without Sheyi.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Sheyi as an 11+ tutor. She has made the process fun and relevant for my daughter, she has made the process smooth and less stressful for the parents.

11+ Parent

My daughter was offered places in all six schools she applied for including St Paul’s, Godolphin, Latymer Upper and NHEHS (with academic scholarship).

We are very grateful to Sheyi – I truly cannot imagine a better teacher who could help a child with the exam preparation. She has a vast knowledge and extensive experience of all things 11+ and is a very kind, lovely teacher that my daughter really enjoyed.

11+ Parent

We approached Sheyi for help a couple months before the 11+ exams after being told by our daughter’s school that they were unsure where she would get a place due to her struggling with some areas of her maths syllabus.  Sheyi worked with her going through old papers and helping her with one on one attention to cover the topics she was struggling in.  Our daughter really enjoyed her lessons and very quickly gained confidence in her own ability.  Sheyi is an extremely patient teacher, with a very smiley and gentle demeanour, she related extremely well with our daughter.  The classes were kept interesting which meant we never had any problems getting our daughter to attend.  Sheyi was also very flexible in finding times that would work for us during the busy run up to Christmas where routine was not always possible!  Our daughter was offered all the schools we applied for, including an exhibition at one of the schools, so amazing results.  We look forward to working with Sheyi again when our next child starts the same process.

11+ Parent

Sheyi fully understands the dynamics of the highly competitive 11plus system and is extremely well versed in all the exam papers of the most sought after schools. Through a combination of past papers, targeted teaching and well placed mock exams she boosts the child’s confidence and gets the very best out of them. Sheyi is highly empathetic and cleverly adjusts the pace and tempo of the lesson depending on how the child is feeling. Sheyi also rigorously prepared our daughter for her all her interviews, whether they were of an academic or general knowledge variety.

Our daughter will be attending Godolphin and Latymer in September which was her first choice. It would not have been possible without Sheyi.

A-Level Politics

Sheyi Martins worked with our son for several months in the lead up to his A2 Politics exams. Although our son got good B grades in his AS exams, he needed to get an ‘A’ to in order to study Politics at University, so decided to retake the AS levels as well. Sheyi worked on both the main A2’s and AS level retakes and was an excellent, reliable and engaging tutor whose sessions he thoroughly enjoyed and found extremely beneficial. As a result, he achieved the overall ‘A’ grade necessary to get into a top University, and indeed got perfect 100% mark in one of his AS Politics retakes.

We cannot recommend Sheyi highly enough as a Politics tutor and I am happy to be contacted as a referee for her should it be required.

13+ Parent

Sheyi Martins has been tutoring my 13 year old son for a number of years, most recently to help him prepare for the 13+.  She has particularly focussed on maths since he is at a French Lycee and the curriculum there differs to the English curriculum.  By way of example, he had not yet started algebra at school but needed to be able to answer algebra questions in the exam.  He has always enjoyed his tutoring sessions – I have never had a single complaint or whine that he didn’t want to do one – and he has even asked to continue with Sheyi even though he no longer has an exam to work for.  She prepared him thoroughly for the exam and he felt confident that he would be able to answer the questions.  He clearly did well as he was offered the place we had hoped for.  I have found Sheyi to be entirely reliable and a joy to have in our house.  My daughter will be starting her 13+ preparations with Sheyi shortly and I am confident that she will be equally well prepared by the date of the exam.