10/11+ MOCK EXAM

Dear Parents,

For the past three years we have run a mock exam for all of our 10+/11+/grammar school pupils, which has been very successful and so this year we will be running it again.

The mock test will be held under exam conditions that are very similar to the 10+/11+/grammar school exams. Last year the pupils found this experience very helpful. Most importantly, they found the real exams less daunting as they had already been exposed to the sort of environment they will experience on the day. In addition to this, we give detailed feedback on each of the papers they take to help guide you on their strengths and weaknesses.

The mock exams run in exactly the same way as normal exams from registration to dismissal:

-The children sit the exams with a short break in between each one.

-They are expected to organise their own time and answer questions while working to the clock.

-They have to interact with new children and adults, as well as cope with unfamiliar places, sounds and distractions.

The exam consists of a total of three papers, although parents can pick and choose which ones they would like their child to sit based on their needs. The tests have been carefully designed by ourselves and are based upon real 11+ tests


1hr English Paper – This will include a reading passage with comprehension questions covering both multiple choice and written formats. Following that will be a writing task that requires a creative and imaginative response.

1hr Maths paper – Will cover most topics that come up regularly in exams, for example, fractions, ratio, algebra, pie charts etc

1hr and 20 minute Reasoning Paper – This will cover most exercises that come up regularly in exams such as codes, word association, synonyms, antonyms etc. The paper will be split into three parts: verbal, non-verbal, and problem based cognitive ability tasks. As London consortium papers will now be focused on this, we aim to make the final part of this paper similar in style to some of the questions they may get on the day.

The Venue: 

St Michael & All Angels Parish Hall

Priory Avenue

London W4 1TX

(The church is opposite Turnham Green tube station in Chiswick)


The Dates and Fees:

Saturday 1oth November – 8:45am-12:45pm

Fees  – £90 for one test, £150 for two tests, and £200 for all 3 tests.


What the fees include

1.Preparation of test papers which cover the broad curriculum of the 11+.

2.A simulated exam with exam style conditions to help children prepare and become used to the environment.

3.Marking of the test papers and a detailed feedback covering strengths and weaknesses so the student can work on these in the upcoming months. The results, feedback and test papers will be posted to you or given to you in person.


Please let us know if you would be interested in taking part and what date you would prefer/be available, by replying to this email. Please also feel free to pass on this email to anyone else who you think might be interested.

In your reply, please include:

Your child’s name

Your child’s date of birth

Test/Tests you would like them to take

Schools you are applying to

Home address and emergency contact number

Any allergies or medical issues that we should be aware of


The Testimonials:

‘I would particularly like to recommend the mock exam organized by Martins-Allen Education, which is excellent. In early Autumn, my daughter took a mock exam at another education agency, which left much to  be desired as it was quite easy and provided very limited feedback, so I found it of very little value. I then signed my daughter up for this exam, which was a lot more challenging and a lot closer to the real exams offered by the top schools that we were targeting.

‘When Martins-Allen Education sent me my daughter’s exam scores, they also provided me with excellent, personalised and very detailed feedback pointing out the aspects that were adequate as well as identifying all the areas that still needed improvement. From then on, during the final stretch before the exams, we were able to really zero in on these to make my daughter completely ready and 100% comfortable’

‘The mock 11+ was a very useful experience in that it gave him a feel for what sitting down for 3 hours of exam felt like and helped to emphasise the need to work fast and accurately.’

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.